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September 10, 2006

Helping You to Lead the Way™

Snapshot 004-1
I guess it was an innocent enough comment, over on

"Is there any sort of drug scene in Second Life for Gideon to explore?"

I'd been clean six months, but as soon as I read the words, the roof of my mouth went dry, and I got that weird itching between my knuckles, like cunnilingus from a thousand angry fire-ants. I knew I shouldn't, but I also knew it was too late.

I was going to have to go back. To score some Seclimine™.

Snapshot 001-1
I headed out to Zeuzera, and The Maltese's place. It's decorated with the kind of opulence you don't often see here - bare boards, stained seats, the smell of desperation. Anonymous, except for the huge fuck-off Seclimine™ billboard thrusting upwards into the neighbourhood. Honey, I'm home.

Snapshot 003-1
While I wait for the meds to be dispensed, the restless leg syndrome kicks in, a spastic tribute to St. Vitus, tapping out the choreography of addiction on the oak boards. Yet I know that soon, I'll be in Gene Kelly's stately pleasure-dome.

Dose 002
And so, to Alph, to prepare. Seclimine™ kicks in as soon the tab hits your tongue, but after long days of experimentation, I've come to know that Sec works best on an empty stomach. So my fast begins.

Dose 003
As the sun sets over the water, a creeping dread washes over me, the sweat on my back chills. I remember the last time I took Sec. When the Spiders came. Oh christ, please don't let it be Spiders again.

Dose 007
The stars blink on, and I realize it was only this morning in the coffee shop with Diva that I'd promised not to do this again. Another broken heart.

Dose 010
It's time.

Seclimine 001

Seclimine™ comes in different strengths, and I'd opted for the equivalent of "nuclear". Two capsules, one green and one blue. Ying and Yang. The Magician and The High Priestess. I swallow them both, and wait for the voices.

Dose 011

The green haze descends on me, and I flash back to my first time. I'm in the club and that bastard JP is slipping one in my martini, because I was getting his girl. It wasn't until I left the dancefloor that I realized the flashing lights were all my own. And then...

Dose 016
.... I'm dancing the dance again. Uncontrollably. Euphoric.

Dose 025
This is where the Spiders came back. I just don't want to talk about it.

Dose 028

Dose 037
And then, as quickly as it starts, it's over. And the urge to have more, grows as I awake, almost like a post-hypnotic command. Like always.

Seclimine™. Helping Me to Lead the Way.

Posted by Gideon Television at September 10, 2006 03:33 PM


Oh could you!?
I thought you were different, I thought what we had was will I ever be able to trust you after this?
Maybe JP was right about you...I don't even know what to say.
I suppose next I'm going to find out you've been traveling to Amsterdam again for "Business". Buisness my ass!!

Posted by: The Diva on September 11, 2006 05:16 PM

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