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August 27, 2006

I'm Gideon, Fly Me

Aero 003

Gideon Television (Superstar) reporting.

When the pain of signing autographs and being recognized across Second Life becomes too intense, I like to kick back at Abbotts Aerodrome, where a parachute and aviator goggles afford me some anonymity. There's a whole range of things to do here, including piloting a variety of flying machines, skyboarding - even dogfighting. But it's the tranquil beauty of freefall skydiving that's my bag, man.

Aerob 001-1

Here's me, hopping a skydiving pod to jump altitude. You notice I've selected a more casual look - wearing a $2000 silk jacket at 4000 ft is flamboyant at best.

Aerob 004

Once you reach your chosen altitude, the pod spurts you out into the void like a celestial ejaculate. It's simultaneously serene and exhilarating - Nature's head rush, as you face Death squarely in the face, and Death realizes you're the prettier. The ultimate game of Chicken begins.

Aerob 009
With the wind tearing the oxygen from your throat, you can barely mouth the phrase "Pull", as your heart skips the beat it takes for your chute to spreads it's folds. Then 1000 GideFans below let out a collective sigh in the hope that GDN.TV will once again grace their bedchambers.

Aerob 010
The ground hurries to meet you like a well-kept stripper, the sun reflecting from the silver peaks that lap against Abbot's shoreline. Already the rush diminishes - I hate it all, but there must be more to hate than this.

Look, Ma, King of the World. But then, we all already knew that.

Until next time, this is Gideon Televison (Superstar), wishing you Peace.

Posted by Gideon Television at August 27, 2006 12:05 PM


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